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Life can sometimes be difficult and when these difficulties arise our mind and body will inevitably be put under stress. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if we do not deal with it effectively it can have serious consequences.

Stressed Out

Stress can result from both physical and mental / emotional causes and is initially the normal response to some kind of threat. The fight or flight response will cause the body to adjust to the perceived threat by releasing adrenaline and corticosteroids through the hormonal system. This has the recognisable results ie, racing heart, dry mouth, sweating and churning stomach or nausea. Longer periods of stress may also lead to trembling, confusion, head ache, dizziness and sleep disturbance. However, if we deal with the situation and the threat dissipates, the body will swiftly return to normal – homeostasis. A sufficient period of rest or relaxation will ensure that no permanent or lasting damage is done.

However, when the threat continues, be it actual physical or perceived emotionally, the body will progress to a state of resistance where an imbalance is set up in order to counter the threat. This enabling us to continue with our lives while keeping the threat in check but puts a strain on the body and leads to increasing fatigue and the potential onset of disease. The normal response to this would be to ensure an adequate time for recuperation and to maintain a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) to enable the immune system to cope.

For this purpose, in the short term, a Swedish Massage or Indian Head Massage would have a positive restorative effect. In the long term, a course of Reflexology treatments will have a more profound effect, both during the stressful period and in assisting your recovery afterwards.

Reflexology is an holistic therapy and deals with the whole body. There should be a noticeable improvement in the nervous system, muscular and skeletal systems, digestive system. Most importantly, re-balancing the hormonal and immune systems will lead to a sense of well-being. It is also important to factor in the supportive role of the therapist who can monitor your progress and encourage you on your journey.

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