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In recent years there seems to have been a growth in the number of people suffering from allergies or intolerance to certain food types. If you are a sufferer or know someone who is you will be well aware of the difficulties that can arise when the wrong substance is ingested.Abdomen

Taking gluten intolerance as an example: there has been a noticeable increase in availability and demand for gluten-free foods in our supermarkets and many restaurants now supply a separate menu to satisfy their clientele. The causes have been linked to changes in production of crops, such as wheat, that have been modified to give better yields. However, it may also be associated with internal changes relating to our gut flora, vitamin deficiency, genetics and responses to changes in our environment.

Although a complete elimination of the need to avoid certain food groups may be out of reach, there is hope of mitigating the effects in helping the body to deal with the intolerance to optimum effect. This may be achieved through regular Reflexology treatments.

As gluten has a damaging effect on the small intestine – specifically the villi which absorb nutrients – this area would be an obvious reflex to stimulate in order to facilitate restoration, along with the other digestive system reflexes. As the cause is an immune reaction it would be beneficial to focus on the nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems reflexes also. The overall result of increased nutrition uptake, improved elimination of toxins and relaxation through stress relief will strengthen the body and give a heightened sense of well-being.

Used in tandem with good dietary advice to reduce the frequency in episodes of trauma, the sufferer should see significant positive change during the course of a series of treatments.

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